I am a multidisciplinary designer, creator of CRNT Surf App, building React2.co & currently working at Smashing Boxes. I am also actively learning to code in Javascript while pushing my skills in CSS/html.

I enjoying doing all kinds of design work but I love projects that solve real problems. I believe in building experiences, designing things that are simple & enjoyable to use. My style is to iterate and refine through simplification throughout a project. I find through each iteration, a better solution emerges. I am interested in projects that will revolutionize an industry or product. I am also interested in projects that I can collaborate with passionate & egoless people.


  1. I am a husband to a wonderful wife and father of two incredible little boys. I also have a little 10lb Imperial Shihtzu, Lulu. I have been so blessed throughout my life and I try not to take that for granted, EVER.
  2. I am a really big fan of liberty, freedom and free speech. I believe God gave us all free will to choose to decide what to do with our lives. I live by the Golden Rule— Do to others what you want them to do to you...
  3. I started a clothing brand “I AM NOW”. I got a notice of opposition from Will I AM from the Black Eye Peas. After consulting a trademark lawyer, he advised to shut it down before any real legal action was brought to me. See the letter and I AM NOW brand here.
  4. I try to question everything. I am a big fan of going against the herd. I really love a good conspiracy. My favorite conspiracy is “The Road to Roota”. Check it out, it will not dissapoint.
  5. I love the beach. I love surfing. I love surf culture. I don’t get to do it that often but when I do, it makes me be a better person. I would give up my design career should the Pro Surfing Tour ever call.
  6. Photo by the super talented Ethan Hickerson