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React2 is a platform that allows people to track their emotional (sentiments)reactions and can compare it to their friends and the rest of the world, in real time. React2 is a platform for people who want to understand the sentiment of an real-time event.

Towards the end of last year the developers and myself decided to shut down React2 because of the scale of the project. Although we believed in the project, we felt we didn't have the time, resources and backing to create something we wanted to put out to the world.

We still think that we will see something similar in the future. If anyone ever come across this and wants to try and build this platform, I will give away all my resources.

Along the way I learned many valuable mistakes. I got to experience the ups and downs of building a product with a few up and a lot of downs. This project has made me more resilient, patient and has taught me quite a few things with regards to coding.

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